Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Xtramaths results

This is my xtra maths results and I've got 3 wrong, but I am trying to get none wrong.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My xtramaths results

This is my xtra maths results and, I hope I'll try next time and I will make sure I will get them all correct

Monday, 17 June 2013

My Speech Assessment

Speech Assessment

L.I. - Present a formal speech

Captures your attention 4/5

Voice clarity / Pace 5/5
Volume 4/5
Posture / Eye contact 5/5

Topic is of interest to the audience 4/5
Meaning is clear 4/5
Ideas are presented in a logical order 5/5

Summarises ideas 5/5
Leaves audience with something to think about 5/5

Personality projected in speech:
Enthusiasm 5/5

Total:   46/50

One thing I think I did really well was... I used an interesting point to remember for my audience at the end of my speech.
An element of persuasive speech that I used was...  an expert opinion.
One thing to work on for next time is...  to speak more  clearly and I need more information to make my speech longer.

My Speech about School Uniform

This is my speech about school uniform and I was filmed by Ms Kirkpatrick

Interviewing People

Interviewing People

L.I. - Library/Research Skills

Know that we have access to people as experts about subjects

Match the person to the reason for being interviewed

A local festival organiser
What major events are celebrated and why are they celebrated in our local area?
A representative of the fire department
What methods are used to fight fires?
A leading member of the Maori community
What is the Maori history of our area?

A researcher on local transport
What public transport is available?  Does it meet peoples needs?
A member of the local historic society

What are some past events that have happened in the local area?
A park ranger
What are the native flora and fauna in our area?
A manager of the shopping centre

How does a major retail centre, with many shops work?
A representative from Tamaki College

What opportunities are there at the local secondary school?
A lifeguard at the local pool

What programmes are available at the pool for children?
A member of the local council

What work do councillors do in the local area?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Xtramaths Results

This is my XtraMaths Result and I am proud that I am starting to know my basics facts.

Places to get Information

Places to get information
L.I. - Library/Research skills
Understand that there are a lot of places we can get information
Library Skills.