Monday, 19 August 2013

My XtraMath Results

I am proud of 
myself that
 I can proved that I  have learn my timetables, but I have 1 wrong and I'm still proud

My library skills_Using glossary.

A helping hand from the Glossary

L.I. - Library/Research skills
Using a glossary

Sometimes a book also has a glossary at the beginning or the end.  This gives short explanations of specialised or difficult terms used in the book.  The following is an example is from a book about the moon.






Sputnik 1

in astronomy, the reflective property of planets
a small rocky object found mainly in a belt or flat ring between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars; also called a minor planet because it is so small (the largest are only 200 km across).
a large flat plain on the moon caused by lava flows and marked by ridges, depressions and faults; all 14 maria are on the side of the moon that faces Earth.
a natural (e.g. moon) or artificial (e.g. spacecraft) object that orbits around a larger astronomical body.
the first artificial satellite, which was launched into space to orbit around the Earth in 1957.

Name an artificial satellite. Sputnik 1
What is another term for a minor planet in orbit between Mars and Jupiter?
What is the term for an object that orbits around another larger planetary body? Satellite
What is the term used for a large flat lava flow on the moon? Mare
What term is used to describe the characteristic light reflecting from a planet? Albedo

This is my library skills activity and, I have to use the glossary to help me find the answers. I find this activity easy for me.

Monday, 12 August 2013

My Spelling activity is Sentence

Basic: Learn your basics facts
Relax: Relax your legs from standing up.
Elder: Only Elders are allowed in the spa pool.
Relieve: Today, Group 1 is relieved from the classroom to go swimming pool.
Stationary: We must have a full stationary before coming to school.
Shame: Shame on you , that you had a whole week to finish off your work and it not finished.
Sweet Corn: I would love to eat sweet corn for lunch today.
Classic: My mum loves to listen to classic musics.
Envelope: I got a envelope from your teacher about your behavior.
Select: You have to select the switch on button to get the projector on.

The Learning Intention was sentence.
I find it easy because, I can always put a word into a sentence, so I can understand more.