Friday, 29 August 2014

I remember

“I remember as if it were yesterday”

I remember as if it were yesterday, when I was in the hall with the netball girls and our coach (Mrs Emma), they were announcing the player of the day and after Mrs Emma announced the year 7 ‘s player of the day, she announced the year 8’s player of the day. I remember she said “The year 8’s player of the day goes to… Chloe”. At that moment I was shocked and I felt happy and excited. All the girls looked at me and they were clapping for me.

At the top of the sky tower

At the top of the sky tower

People look like tiny ants from the top of the sky tower. People strolling down memory lane when they walk into a shop they love. Cars racing past the lights.

Thursday, 28 August 2014


How to play Netball

Have you ever played netball? Playing netball is a game that a lot of girls play. Netball is a game that you need to concentrate and focus on. For you to able to play netball, you need 7 players in your team.  They play particular positions.  There is some equipment you need and there are some excellent teams in the world including New Zealand’s silver ferns.

In Netball both teams need seven players because there’s seven position.
The seven positions are GS(Goal Shoot), GA(Goal Attack), WA(Wing Attack), C(Center), WD(Wing Defence), GD(Goal Defence), GK(Goal Keep).
When you're playing netball, make sure you have a bib on with your position label on it so you know what position you are.

If you have the ball, do not run with it you make sure you stay still and pass the ball to a person in your team that is close to you. When pass the ball make sure to chest pass it or over head the ball. You can also pivot with your ground foot if you need to face the other players in your team.

The New Zealand team is called the silver ferns. The Silver ferns played as part of the Commonwealth Games. Te Huinga Reo Selby- Rickit and Kayla Cullen are some of Silver Ferns netball players Te huinga plays GK and Kayla plays WD and the position they play that’s the position I play.
Playing netball is a fun game for me to play, and working together with my team.
At school we have a year 7 and 8 team and we play every Tuesday nights. In my position, I play WD(Wing Defence) and GK(Goal Keep).