Friday, 22 February 2013

Tuxpaint with my buddy Anton

Our Library by Chloe

Our Library

In this picture are the senior fiction books. The seniors come to this area and read while they are in the Library.  The seniors that are allowed to touch these books are the year 8 and year 7’s. These senior book are hard to read. No juniors allowed.

In this picture, is the issues desk in the library. This desk is where we issue our two books to take home or take to class to read in our spare time.  It also tells you when your books are due and tell if it overdue or not.

This is the magazines area. Where everybody mostly looks at pictures. Sometimes when people are not reading any novel, they look at these magazines instead.

This picture shows the searching computer.  When you can’t find a book that you are looking for you can use this computer to search for your book.

This is the entry to come in and go out. When you come inside, you have to take your shoes and if you go out, you wear your shoes.  Only teachers and adults are only allowed to wear their shoes inside the library.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Friendship poem by Chloe


Friendship looks like a daisy flower that you can find in a field that you explore with your friends.
Friendship smells like a fresh blueberry muffin.
Friendship feels like a cuddly teddy bear and a warm cosy blanket that I take to sleepovers with my friends.
Friendship tastes like a cold strawberry ice cream, with melted chocolate and a diced banana that we share with my friend’s birthday party.
Friendship sounds like my friends and I softly playing guitars in  the moonlight.

This is my result on xtramaths by Chloe

Monday, 18 February 2013

Bug me by Chloe

Bug me
L.I: How to use your ‘WITS’.

A kid steps on the back of your shoe so that it comes off. What can you say or do?

1. Stand up for myself:
I will say “Stop it I don’t like it,” or say. . . “Stop it please, It’s really annoying.”

2.  Walk away:
If that person, keep on doing it, I would walk away from them.

3.  Tell someone:
If I walk away and that person follows me, I will tell someone.