Sunday, 27 April 2014

Holiday Reading Challenge: Radical Reading

Screenshot 2014-04-27 at 10.24.51 AM.png
The book I read                                         Here’s me reading my book

Title: Fright night
Author: Geronimo Stilton
Type of book: Creepy

Where are you reading: I am reading outside of my house, sitting on the stairs near the back door.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Holiday Reading Challenge: Choose your own

Title: Field trip to Niagara falls
Author: Elisabetta Dami
Type of book: Adventure

This activity is choose your own: I wanted to do choose your own, because I want to show other people, that I can be creative and inventive.

This is my activity that I created myself: Rewriting the story of the chapter.
Pick one of your favourite chapter from the book and rewrite that whole story from that chapter that you picked in your own words and put it together to make a poster

Monday, 21 April 2014

Holiday Reading Challenge: The mouse who always gets into trouble

malorie blackman.pngScreenshot 2014-04-21 at 8.25.44 PM.png

The tittle of this book is called. The mouse who gets into trouble!

The author of this book is Malorie Blackman. This is a young corgi type of book.
I think my cover is better, because I changed, some few things to make it more interesting.
 Instead of the mouse eating a cake, I changed the cake to a donut.

Friday, 11 April 2014

My Positive Attitude poster

Museum trip

number 4.pngnumber 5.png*

We went to the Panmure Library and met, Mama Piri, Tau from the museum and Ruth from the library.
First we sat down on the floor quietly, while visitors introduced themselves.
Next we sat down and listen to a story and straight after the story, we had a coloring competition.
Finally we had a dance competition with our Ti-ti and 2 boys and 2 girls went up and do their own dance.

My favorite was the coloring competition and the story about the eke and kiaure.

My transformation art

This is my transformation art 
it uses 3 media - pastel, crayon & dye, Paint.
it shows 3 transformations
The first row is translated
The second row is rotated
The last row is reflected.
I really like, the colors that I used

Thursday, 10 April 2014

My fog poem


The cloud is fluffy as a cat.
They’re fat and quiet.
They’re soft and bright white.

Cats looks like clouds, because its so soft and fluffy and fat.
Cats are so soft and fluffy
Cats are chubby and fat
Cats are quiet
Fluffy cat
  • Cat doesn't move much
  • Cats do sometimes sleep a lot

I am a Seaweed poem

I am Seaweed.

I am seaweed
I am green and curvy.

I float in the ocean with the sun
shining bright on me.

I sometimes sit still under the sea,
swirling around.

I see people coming towards me, picking me up and
chucking me like a piece of rubbish.

I swish and sway with creatures living inside me.

I hear poem

I hear……

When I think of Lollipop land
I hear
On the bumpy road, hearing rocks shackling everywhere on the floor. Out we get off the car.
In we go and pay out self s, hearing
kids yelling and having fun coming down the big slide.
(munching) Looking at the little cute kids eating their little fruits and halfway drinking their little juices.
“hop on in”
The man takes the kids to the merry go round.
Spinning around and around the merry go round and kids saying “weee! look at me mummy”
And there we go having so much fun.

Chloe Taufa

A state of mind poster

Wednesday, 9 April 2014