Wednesday, 18 June 2014

YMCA Lagoon Leisure and Fitness

Procedural text

Procedural text
How to fish an eel?

Long rope
Old kerosene lamp
Sheep Guts from Dad’s shed

1. Tie the long rope around the rope
2. Then use the other side of the rope to tie the lamp.
3. But the guts in the sack.
4. Lower the sack into the water.
5. Turn the lamp on, so you can see the eel.
6. The light will attract the eel, and the will able to go through the sack.
7. Once the eel is inside the sack, pull the rope up carefully.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Climate Change bias

Climate Change bias

1a. The title of the article is
Climate change skeptic issues warning over political bias in global warming debate.

1b.What is the article about?
The article is about the climate changing over political bias in global warming.

2a. What did the research show?
The research shows that the climate might be less sensitive to greenhouse gases than had been previously reported.

2b. One reason it wasn’t published?
The climate sceptics could use it to defend their argument.

3a. The other reason...
The other reason is that the paper was rejected for solely editorial, rather than the political reasons.

3b. The article says….
The article says that the sciencle is gradually being influence by political view and that the policy’s decision needs to be based solely facts.

4a. I think……

I think, it would be better to write down all the information.

My Xtra maths results

I think i've done well on my xtra maths, but I am trying my best to move on to subtraction.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Nice work

Never use the word SMALL, our teacher said,
it doesn't mean a thing.
Try….. Short, little, young,
miniature, narrow, limited
wee, immature, or pint sized.
The choice is as long as a string.
So please don’t use the word SMALL!
It just doesn't mean a thing.

That was summer

That was summer

Have you ever tasted summer?
Sure you have
Remember walking on the beach with our delicious ice cream
or sitting on the sand with our snacks beside us
and running around the beach playing tiggy
and walking into the cold salty water?
Remember watching the people running past with their dogs?
That was summer.

Have you ever heard of summer?
Sure you have
Remember when we walked through the cornfields
or finding the objects that were showed on the paper we were holding
and watching people talking and yelling at each other?
Remember cutting through the corn,
and the security guard that caught us?
That was summer.

Have you ever smelled summer?
Sure you have
Remember walking through the city
and walking past the restaurants,
smelling the delicious food coming from inside
and sitting near the tree, eating our food,
Remember driving around the city, and we can still smell that delicious food.

That was summer.