Thursday, 28 March 2013

Xtramaths Result

                                        I have improved because I have not have any mistakes because I take my time                               and I have worked fast, but next time I'll try get more smiles.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Eastern Beach by Chloe

                  Eastern Beach

On a hot sunny day, Panmure Bridge School was so lucky to go to Eastern Beach. When we arrived I ran off the bus and saw the view.  It was spectacular.

My friends and I had a yummy sandwich, for morning tea before we started the activities.  After I finished eating, I went to take a nice fresh walk with Viola, Isabella and Angel.

When my group was called up for kayaking I was excited because I hadn’t been kayaking before.  First I had to put on a life jacket, then we learnt how to hold the paddle.  We paddled out to sea.  I was in the double kayak with Mr Grady.  We paddled all the way out to Mr. Johnston.  Then we had to hold each others kayak and two people had to stand up, walk across and sit in the other persons kayak.  Finally we had a game of tiggy before going back to the beach.

I went for a swim in the freezing sea, then I got out and got dressed ready to go back to school.

I had a really exciting day and I hope we get to go back again next year.

Xtramaths result by Chloe

                                                  This is my result from xtramaths and I hope I learn my time tables fast as I could